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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Happy Birthday, Dad

I saw that the date today is February 20th and I remembered that today was a great American’s birthday, but I couldn’t recall whose. Was it George Washington’s birthday, or Abraham Lincoln’s? Then it hit me: "Oh it’s my father’s birthday, and I forgot to send a card." It happens each year.

My father certainly qualifies as a great American. He fought with distinction during WWII. He did cutting-edge scientific research on boundary layer behavior and heat ablation for the infant space program. He created numerous inventions for the various companies and organizations that employed him. And when he came home from a long day’s work, we worked several more hours at home creating gadgets for improving our quality of life. He invented one of the very first automatic sprinkler systems more than fifty years ago. He never profited from it, he made it just for our home.

Anyway, I just wanted to show my appreciation to this great American, my Dear Old Dad (DOD). And Dad, I wonder what the Post Office did with your card?


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