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Monday, March 28, 2005

Linked to Chocolate and Gold Coins

I’ve started a “Linked to C&GC” section on my blog to show you those blogs have linked to me. Part of the motivation is show appreciation to those who have help direct traffic to my website but it is also to encourage others to link to me (knowing that they will get linked to in return).

The first blog I would like to mention is the very interesting “Sometimes its Peaceful” blog by Gill in England. Her “Blog of the Day” post highlights some very interesting blogs that she has managed to find. I was “Blog of the Day” here.

Andrew Hughes has a blog called “Anyletter”. He blogrolls me, and he linked to me in this post. His blog turned very personal (and interesting) recently.

Another blog that blogrolls me is “Jwaala” by a student in India who nom de blog is Jwaala. His blog is devoted mostly to India politics so I don’t follow it regularly.

Brian Gongol linked to my “Lottery Technology” post. That gave perhaps my best ever post a little more life. His site has a good collection of news links to offbeat stories.

Coyoteblog also linked to my “Lottery Technology” post because it part of the Carnival of Capitalists. His site usually has some very well-written articles about a variety of topics including his experiences as a small business owner.

Long ago, Jenny at Hot Topic Blogs - Obesity linked to my “Free Food, Why Do Americans love it?” post. Her links to any obesity-related news items.

Of course I cannot forget to mention Amit Varma. He linked to me at his flagship blog India Uncut; this gave me lots of exposure to people in India. He also linked to me repeatedly at his other blog Middle Stage. Both of these blogs are excellent but India Uncut is really in the top echelon of blogs.

So to everyone who has linked to me: Thank you.


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