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Friday, October 28, 2005

Printing Your Blog

Coyoteblog has a very interesting post about how he was able to print his blog into a book so that he could give it to his parents to read. Many bloggers write excellent blogs that, over many months, add up to a sizeable body of work. Many parents would be thrilled to read their child’s writing, but aren’t about to sit at a computer screen and read it all day long. This gives bloggers a way to give their blog to their relatives so they can read it. Also, it really is easier to read a paper book than staring for hours at a screen.

The cost is not all that expensive, about $30. For people in India, this would be a bit of an expense, but well worth it to preserve your writing for all time. Keep in mind that a lot of stuff that we see on the Internet may become as obsolete as the cassette tape and the floppy disk. In ten years’ time, you might not be able to access your blog archives anymore because the technology will change.

I should point out that Coyoteblog is an excellent blog. It clearly articulates the libertarian viewpoint. I might not agree with all that he writes, but it is very clear and logical and largely persuasive. For example, his article against the minimum wage is the best I have read anywhere. And his post about refuting socialism is a classic.

So will you see Chocolate and Gold Coins in print? We’ll see.


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