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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

When He Grows Up: Royal Class

My son is excited by the upcoming trip to India.

He asked my wife, “Are there beds on the plane?”

“No, there are no beds in economy class. We will just sleep in our seats. We would have to travel by business class to have a bed.”

“No beds? Why can’t we travel by business class?”

“It’s very expensive. People have to pay a lot to fly business class, but it’s nicer.”

“Is there something nicer than business class?”

“There’s first class.”

“Oh, boy, I want to travel ‘royal class’”

“There’s no royal class. Royals have their own airplanes.”

“That’s what I want!”

I wonder if children in India naturally want to travel by ‘royal class’ or if that is an American thing. Anyway, it is reassuring that his preferences seem to be strictly monotone.


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