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Monday, February 12, 2007

My Father's Paper

After my last post, I was curious: was there any trace of my father's illustrious career in all of the world wide web? I took some serious googling but I finally found this:

Abstract : Wind-tunnel tests have been performed to investigate the effect of surface heating on boundary-layer transition on a flat plate. The tests were performed at a nominal Mach number of 2.40 and a free-stream temperature of 205 deg F, and the data were obtained at nominal plate temperature levels of 60 deg (adiabatic recovery temperature), 100 deg, 140 deg, 180 deg, and 260 deg F over a length Reynolds number range from 0.475 x 10(exp 6) to 3.93 x 10(exp 6). The identification of the onset and end of transition was made by inspection of the curves of surface-tube Mach number reading as a function of length Reynolds number obtained through the transition region. Boundary-layer-velocity profiles were obtained at points corresponding to the onset and end of transition to enable the computation of critical Reynolds numbers based on boundary-layer dimensions.

The best thing is, I can actually download the pdf! It is amazing to read something my father labored on more than 50 years ago. I was printed out on an old typewriter (with special scientific notation keys). I just wished I had thought of looking for this while he was still alive. What a kick he would have gotten out of seeing this again.



  • Hi Michael,

    Very sorry to hear about your loss.
    My condolences.

    I am right now halfway through a book, Space by James Michener, in which he talks about the race to space. And at certain places in the book, he talks about NACA, heat ablation and the engineers who worked there, their lives and such.

    Today, I stumble upon your blog and I cannot help but wonder if your dad was an inspiration for one of the characters in the book.

    By Anonymous Ashwath, at 2:47 AM  

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  • I am sorry for your loss. Everyday i dread some bad news form home. But i feel that whatever is in our hearts should be told to our parents when they are alive. every knot should be untangled. As there is no feeling worse than having a heart full of things to tell them when they are no more.

    By Blogger Madhuri Sinha, at 10:45 AM  

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  • Hello Michael,

    I came to your blog when I googled for Arisi upma. Please accept my condolence. You know, a while ago I googled my grandfather's name and chanced on a few articles and I was overjoyed. I can understand the feeling. My mom had made the arisi upma mixture during my last trip to India and today made it with the help of your recipe, Thank You!

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