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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

D.C. Bloggers’ Meet

Are you interested in meeting Arnab the Greatbong? If you are, then there will be a great opportunity to meet Arnab-da and other D.C. area bloggers on March 11.

  1. Where? Union Station (on metro red line) lower level food court near Aditi. (directions in link).

  2. When? March 11, (Saturday), from noon until whenever. We will try to keep it going until at least 3:00 to accommodate late shows.

  3. Will there be free food? No, but there are plenty of non-free choices there.

  4. Will there be free beer? No, demand always exceeds supply at that price, (gratuitous economics angle thrown in), but non-free choices are available. If Arnab brings kool-aid I recommend not drinking it.

  5. Who will be there? Good question! We are trying to get everyone to come to this thing.

Certain - Updated

  1. Arnab the Greatbong

  2. arZan

  3. Chetan

  4. Madhu

  5. Michael (me)

  6. Ph

  7. Piyushgupta

  8. Ravikiran

  9. Rubbersoul

  10. Ujval

Interested - Updated

  1. Ganesh

  2. Sajit

  3. Vishnu Pavan

  4. Lots of other people

Plus, as an added bonus, you might have the opportunity to briefly chat with famous bloggers from around the world including:

Phone-Ins - Updated

  1. Gaurav

  2. Jai Arjun

  3. Saket

  4. Sujatha

  5. Sunil

  6. Vikram Arumilli

  7. Perhaps some other people

We need to add to this list. If you are interested, please comment. If you have friends who might be interested, please e-mail them. The more, the merrier. It should be really fun.


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